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Rewind and Repeat

The first week in March marked the first anniversary of my move to Stanford-le-Hope. Looking back on what the past 12 months have brought my way is slightly awe-inspiring. I do recognise the usual admission of ‘it seems like only yesterday…’ but more truthfully, noting all that has happened, and all I’ve done, it seems to add up to more than a year’s worth. Continue reading

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The notebook

Do you know what is one of the best things I have done recently?

I’ve had a Book of Prayers for a number of years, though neglected to use it very much. It’s essentially a notebook where I write down short prayers for other people, including the date I prayed for them. I resurrected it about a month ago after some teaching we had on prayer by Pete Greig. He encouraged us to write down our prayers in some way so that we would remember to be more thankful for what God had done. Continue reading

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