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The Power of Stories

I’ve only recently realised how much impact a good story can have. Perhaps I should have seen it before, as there are many things that indicate this: films, books, tv series, songs. And not only do fictional tales grab hold of us for a lifetime, but real-life ones too. The ending of apartheid in South Africa is a story that still inspires hope. The story of each gold medalist in the Paralympics are all probably equally breath-taking too. Continue reading

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There is something powerful about having a dream.

Take Martin Luther King Jr’s famous speech, ‘I Have A Dream’. It was not simply that he talked a good talk (and indeed walked the walk), but the inspiration and hopefulness of his words was and continues to be incredibly influential for millions of people in many different ways. Continue reading

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Digging In: Growth and Hope

I think the past week or so has made me realise I’m in Stanford-le-Hope for the ‘long haul’, so to speak. This doesn’t determine the length of time that I’ll spend here, even though that has recently increased. It’s more to do with my understanding of the journey. Continue reading

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