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If It’s Not Raining, It’s Not Training

Mount Everest

Mount Everest

“Nothing in this world is worth doing or worth having unless it involves effort, pain, difficulty…”

This quote is attributed to Theodore Roosevelt, American President of the early 20th century. I know little about him, but I do like this quote. It stood out to me a few months ago reading ‘Follow Me To Freedom’ by John M. Perkins and Shane Claibourne, in the chapter entitled ‘Pain’. Not a barrel of laughs to read that one, but necessary and healthy to do so. Continue reading

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There is something powerful about having a dream.

Take Martin Luther King Jr’s famous speech, ‘I Have A Dream’. It was not simply that he talked a good talk (and indeed walked the walk), but the inspiration and hopefulness of his words was and continues to be incredibly influential for millions of people in many different ways. Continue reading

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Suitably under-qualified?

Being a sound engineer, I know quite a bit about sound, and I’m aware that others don’t have that knowledge. It’s great for me to help out in a way that others cannot. At the same time, it also frustrates me when I see (or hear) equipment improperly set-up or being used poorly, as I can know how to improve it but be unable to do anything about it! Continue reading

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