Digging In: Growth and Hope

I think the past week or so has made me realise I’m in Stanford-le-Hope for the ‘long haul’, so to speak. This doesn’t determine the length of time that I’ll spend here, even though that has recently increased. It’s more to do with my understanding of the journey. Continue reading

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The clue is in the title.

The question on my mind at the moment is how can you recreate something unique?
Vague? Yes.
Existential? Possibly.
Let me rephrase it. How can recreate something unique using different materials? In a different place. At a different time.

Let me rephrase it again. How can I recreate the kind of Christ-centred community I find myself being a part of in Stanford, in Huddersfield? Continue reading

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Time well spent

man sitting in front of citySomething I expected moving to be with the Stanford Boiler Room community was getting lots of time and opportunity to pray. Doing the school prayer space on a Monday and cafe on a Thursday involves praying in the morning, just before starting, and afterwards. And with all the other things we do, prayer is always a part of it. Not to mention having my own time during the week to pray. Continue reading

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Suitably under-qualified?

Being a sound engineer, I know quite a bit about sound, and I’m aware that others don’t have that knowledge. It’s great for me to help out in a way that others cannot. At the same time, it also frustrates me when I see (or hear) equipment improperly set-up or being used poorly, as I can know how to improve it but be unable to do anything about it! Continue reading

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Here I am Lord, send someone else

As well as getting to know the city and meeting people from the church, we have also spent time in prayer and worship here in Thessaloniki, and there is a song written by Worship Central we sung recently called ‘Spirit Break Out’. It’s a passionate song about God’s presence ‘breaking out’ and I love it for two reasons. Firstly because it reminds me of the words in the Lord’s prayer, which I have found myself praying more and more recently, as it is part of the 24-7 Prayer daily rhythm. Continue reading

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The notebook

Do you know what is one of the best things I have done recently?

I’ve had a Book of Prayers for a number of years, though neglected to use it very much. It’s essentially a notebook where I write down short prayers for other people, including the date I prayed for them. I resurrected it about a month ago after some teaching we had on prayer by Pete Greig. He encouraged us to write down our prayers in some way so that we would remember to be more thankful for what God had done. Continue reading

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Owning it

It’s funny what happens when you encourage someone. There are a number of effects.

The first probably happens in the person giving the encouragement. A spark of love or duty in the heart flares up, and when acted upon becomes a consistent flame within that aids the creation of similar thoughts in the future.
The second effect is in whoever receives the encouragement, which takes the form of a strengthening of the soul. It is a love transferred (for that is the natural destination of love; another being. Love cannot exist in a lone person, it must be expressed.)
And the third effect is altogether more mysterious. Continue reading

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Some ideas, some learning to do

Brevity is a good thing occasionally, so I’ll give it a try today!

Stanford-le-Hope in Essex to most of the world is an insignificant little town, but for me (and for countless others I’m sure) it now holds a special significance because of the 24-7 Prayer community that live there. We were privileged to spend time there over the past two weeks, and to be involved in everything they did. It was said by many people before we went that Stanford really knew about hospitality, and I was slightly nervous we might be disappointed after such a build-up. After just eight days there, I would certainly echo the words of my friends in this respect. Continue reading

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Aufstehen oder sich knien? Part II

Still wondering what the rest of the title says? Here’s your answer. It translates as, ‘stand up or kneel down?’

The recent days in Chichester visiting Revelation Church gave us some hours in their prayer room, not simply in-between activities but as a part of our schedule there. The opportunity to intentionally spend time praying there was a lesson in itself. The first two days we had time in there I found it easy to pray. Talking to God about what was on my heart felt natural and instinctive. Continue reading

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Aufstehen oder sich knien? Part 1

A change of environment often helps to bring us a new perspective, and makes us see more clearly what we have.

We have been in Frankfurt recently, where the European gathering of 24-7 Prayer took place. The name of the event was ‘Aufstehen’ which means ‘stand up’. It was a good few days (bookended by some long drives!) for me to see a bit more of who the wider 24-7 family is. Continue reading

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