The value of love

Holding handsThe events of recent times and the response of my community have given me cause to wonder about life slightly, and to maybe take a bigger step back to see a wider view of things. In doing so I have come to a lightly held conclusion.

Love is a risk.

If we look at only our own life, we can see it to be regularly punctuated with pain. But to choose to love someone, to involve yourself with another is to sign up for more sorrow. Guaranteed. Ask any mother if she’s ever cried tears because of her wayward child. Ask any husband if he’s had to make painful decisions in his marriage. Ask any son about the heartache of seeing his elderly parents pass away.

It’s inevitable.

But still we consider love worth it. We weigh up the balance of potential joy and sorrow, and decide that it’s worth it. We must do, because as human beings, we seem to keep choosing to love. I guess the alternative is to not love at all, and live a lonely life keeping yourself from loving anyone. I can’t imagine that being an existence anyone rational would opt for. At least with love you get some good as well as bad. But we must admit that loving someone does not mean continual happiness.

Births and marriages are undoubtably happy events. A new baby being born is an incredible joy for example; these are things we should definitely celebrate. But at the same time, we can be sure the parents will endure sadness and distress because of their child, and possibly even see him/her get ill and die. And unfortunately for one of the newly married couple, they will have to go through the pain of losing their beloved partner years down the line.

However, if I have to make a decision (and I must), I don’t think I could live without love. For me, I have to admit that love always wins. It’s what I keep coming back to, what I most need, what I foolishly give away to people without asking for back. It is the greatest power I have ever known; it has changed me and continues to change me. It’s unquestionably worth it, despite all the heartache. It perhaps wasn’t a conscious choice before today, but now I’m aware of it, I think I’ll continue to choose love.

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