Time well spent

man sitting in front of citySomething I expected moving to be with the Stanford Boiler Room community was getting lots of time and opportunity to pray. Doing the school prayer space on a Monday and cafe on a Thursday involves praying in the morning, just before starting, and afterwards. And with all the other things we do, prayer is always a part of it. Not to mention having my own time during the week to pray.
But something I didn’t expect was to want to pray more. It’s odd, as I thought I’d be more than happy with the amount of time spent in prayer, and perhaps even to struggle with it (perhaps that is yet to come!). But I find myself looking forward to the next thing I have that involves praying, and the other day I ended up spending over 2 hours with God in the prayer room here.

Somehow, it’s like the more I pray, the more I feel the need to pray. And I guess in one way that makes complete sense. Suppose you are married, and you spend the afternoon alone with your wife or husband. It’s unlikely that at the end of it, you’ll feel that you’ve had ‘enough’ time with them. It’s more likely you’ll come away from it wanting to spend more time with them.

Perhaps prayer is less something you do, and more like spending quality time with someone you love.

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