Suitably under-qualified?

Being a sound engineer, I know quite a bit about sound, and I’m aware that others don’t have that knowledge. It’s great for me to help out in a way that others cannot. At the same time, it also frustrates me when I see (or hear) equipment improperly set-up or being used poorly, as I can know how to improve it but be unable to do anything about it!

I was riding in someone’s car a while ago and I saw they’d installed a small graphic equaliser as part of their stereo. It’s basically a number of sliders assigned to different frequencies that control the volume of a range of frequencies. It can be very useful in balancing the sound if you know what you’re listening for, but it takes a bit of practice and some understanding to use it well. I have to say I was sceptical as to how much use it would be in the hands of somone who didn’t know what they were doing. It’s a powerful tool, but you need to know how to use it or you could end making it a lot worse rather then better.

At the same moment I was thinking this, it popped into my head that God has done the same thing to us. And I was baffled.

God has given us such incredible powers in this world. The power to think, the power to dream, the power to create and build. He has given us the responsibility of looking after the Earth, and caring for one another. These are powerful tools that we wield, and if we aren’t careful we can easily make things worse rather then better. I mean, take a look at the world around you and you will see how we have misused all the powers and responsibilities God has given us. The power to dream has been used to plan wars and wipe out whole nations. The power to build has been used to make factories where people are forced to work long hours in terrible conditions. The responsibility of looking after the Earth has been neglected by polluting the environment in a hundred different ways, and failing to change our energy sources.

We misuse the powers given to us everyday. God knew this would happen, but still chose to give them to us. What was he thinking? Why does he stay commited to us? Why does he seem to trust us with so much?

Having thought about this for a while, I feel utterly over-privileged and under-qualified. Even now I have almost finished this course with 24-7 Prayer, I still don’t feel I know everything I need to start on the dreams God has given me. I feel like the little kid in the toilet roll advert who is CEO of the company! Do I really have all this responsibility and power, and is it my job to use it?

I wonder if the answer is something to do with love. That sounds like something God would do.

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