The notebook

Do you know what is one of the best things I have done recently?

I’ve had a Book of Prayers for a number of years, though neglected to use it very much. It’s essentially a notebook where I write down short prayers for other people, including the date I prayed for them. I resurrected it about a month ago after some teaching we had on prayer by Pete Greig. He encouraged us to write down our prayers in some way so that we would remember to be more thankful for what God had done.

pen on a notebook and mapLast night I thought it’d be good to look back through my prayers and see what God had been up to. It was good to see the prayers God had answered and how he has turned seemingly hopeless situations into reasons for being thankful. Some of them were pretty significant things, prayers that I had been praying for years and consistently bringing before him.

There are other prayers I am still praying however, and reading them written down from all that time ago does not cause me to give up hope. It creates in me a stronger resolve to see them answered. I’m gonna be persistent, like Jesus tells us to be in Luke 18. I’m going to keep asking for the Holy Spirit, as Jesus says in Luke 11. I will pray in the name of Christ and expect to be answered by the Father. So push on, press in and keep asking. It’s not always easy; I’ve cried a lot of tears over the prayers in my book, and God and I have fallen out a few times (it’s mostly my fault).

But the understatement of the year is this: it’s worth it. It’s so worth it.

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