Some ideas, some learning to do

Brevity is a good thing occasionally, so I’ll give it a try today!

Stanford-le-Hope in Essex to most of the world is an insignificant little town, but for me (and for countless others I’m sure) it now holds a special significance because of the 24-7 Prayer community that live there. We were privileged to spend time there over the past two weeks, and to be involved in everything they did. It was said by many people before we went that Stanford really knew about hospitality, and I was slightly nervous we might be disappointed after such a build-up. After just eight days there, I would certainly echo the words of my friends in this respect. I feel like I got a glimpse of something special, and I think there is need to go and take a longer look at these guys, and let whatever they have to seep into my heart, because I am acutely aware hospitality and community are areas in which I am desperately needing growth.

I have also noticed the little hints and snippets of the future God seems to be lobbing in my direction. It’s like he’s giving me bits of a book I’ve only read the first chapter of, and none of the pages have numbers on. As I just mentioned, I do have a desire to return to Stanford for a time. I’ve also been wondering what a 24-7 Prayer community would look like in Huddersfield, and whether that is utterly crazy or vaguely plausible! Just this week we got the chance to speak to Ben, who helps run a small international children’s charity in Chichester (how wonderfully alliterative) and it all seemed so…possible. Not easy, or simple, but possible.

I just want to be challenged, to be stretched. God has brought me through some tough things in the past few years, but I have to admit I’ve not sought to push myself. I want to be in a place where I can’t ‘get by’ in my own strength, because I know I’ve done that long enough. Hands up who feels the same…

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