Aufstehen oder sich knien? Part 1

A change of environment often helps to bring us a new perspective, and makes us see more clearly what we have.

We have been in Frankfurt recently, where the European gathering of 24-7 Prayer took place. The name of the event was ‘Aufstehen’ which means ‘stand up’. It was a good few days (bookended by some long drives!) for me to see a bit more of who the wider 24-7 family is. And I have to say that ‘family’ was the word I came away with. There was an offering on the Saturday evening, a chance for people to give towards the rest of the 24-7 Prayer movement across Europe. I kind of guessed it might be a significant amount, but I wasn’t prepared for how much. You don’t give an uncomfortable amount of money to a bunch of people you have no relationship with. Only the strongest of bonds will spark that kind of generosity.
I have to admit though I didn’t come away with the desire to ‘stand up’ and go forth, so to speak. One afternoon I needed some time out, so I went for walk along the banks of the river Main. I spent some time praying, and I felt like God pointed out a couple of issues to me. (When I say ‘I felt like’, I mean God was pretty blatant in pointing them out. It made me laugh). I was convinced the circumstances around me were the reason I found things tough, however it was the self-centred attitudes in my heart that were the real cause. This might seem like a harsh thing for God to do. And it is a difficult thing to hear. But I have to admit that God knows my heart, and that it is true, and realise that I’m better off now I know what I need to work on.

It’s nice to be reminded God cares enough about me not to leave me as I am.

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